Nayyara Noor is a talented singer from Pakistan. She has received no formal training of music but her natural talent and her passion for music has made her the great singer she is today.

She was born on 3rd November, 1950 in India. She started her singing career in 1971 and was most active till 2012. She is considered one of South Asia’s popular film songs playback singer. Nayyara Noor passed away on 20th August, 2022 in Karachi, Pakistan.

As a child she was very fond of Akhtar Begum and listened to her ghazals attentively.

During her college days, her teachers heard her sing and encouraged her to participate in the Radio Pakistan’s University Program in 1968. Nayyara’s singing career officially began in 1971. She recorded songs for Pakistan Television and movies.

As a playback singer; the versatility of her voice surprised many and won accolades plus a large number of fans. Her romantic songs pulled the strings of the listeners’ hearts; her tragic songs cast a melancholy spell and her jolly teasing songs left the listeners smiling.

Nayyara Noor won two Nigar Awards for her playback singing. Nayyara’s national songs renew the spirit of patriotism in you. Nayyara Noor is best known for her ghazal singing. The reserved and graceful Nayyara has literally immortalized the ghazals she has sung.

Although she has rendered ghazals by Ghalib, Fayez Ahmed Fayez, Nasir Kazmi and Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, her best performance in my opinion is Behzad Lakhnavi’s “Aye gazba-e-dil gar mein chahoon” recorded for PTV. She married Shehryar Zaidi.

Her elder son Naad-e-Ali has started his debut as a solo singer and her younger son Jaffer Zaidi is the lead vocalist of Kaavish music band. She has won three gold medals in All Pakistan Music Conference and a Nigar Award for Best Playback Female Singer in film Gharana.

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