Pakistan is among the nine states to possess nuclear weapons. Shaken by the separation of East Pakistan and letdown by its allies America and China; Pakistan then decided to stand on its own and build a nuclear bomb.

What started in 1972 under the Bhutto regime was finally accomplished on 28th May, 1998 during the tenure of Nawaz Sharif. Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto brought Abdul Qadeer Khan from Europe at the end of 1974.

Pakistan announced its nuclear achievement by detonating five nuclear heads in Chaghi Hills Balochistan. It was a proud moment for a nation which unfortunately has a long history of unstable governments and is plagued by problems both internally and externally. This day will go down in the history of the country as the “rebirth of the nation”.

Pakistan’s feat was welcomed by the Moslem world. On the other hand our neighbor and the Western powers were furious and regarded this development as a threat to the region. These double standard nations had acquired nukes themselves ages ago as Pakistan is the seventh nation which has gone nuke.

The fact that India is allowed to import nuclear fuel and technology while Pakistan is not, exposes not only the double standards of the West but also its open hostility.

Like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, Pakistan could have become a target of the Western powers if it did not have nuclear weapons. The West and our neighbor in particular lament the fact that Pakistan no longer feels insecure and cannot be easily bullied.

Pakistan has time and again assured the world that it will not use its nuclear weapons unless provoked. Pakistan’s nuclear accomplishment has brought stability in the region. The fissile material is produced at Nilore, Kahuta and Khushab Nuclear Complex where weapons grade plutonium is refined.

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