Pakistan is one of the best places that must be visited by every tourist from across the globe. The best thing about visiting this place is affordability. Karachi (largest city of Pakistan) has been considered as cheapest city of the world.

This shows that there can’t be a best place of shopping for money savers. Another major reason is the tempting food in Pakistan that always grabs attention of tourists for multiple visits. There is not an example of the humbleness of Pakistanis.

Unlike many other nations, Pakistanis aren’t arrogant and rude. They always welcome people from other countries wholeheartedly. Pakistan is full of rich traditions and culture. Such kinds of uniqueness can’t be seen anywhere in the world.

The Pakistani handmade crafts are popular in all over the world. Whether it is pottery of Multan or Embroidered Sindhi Caps, everything highly grabs attention of tourists.

The weddings of Pakistan are distinctive than any country of the world. The use of vibrant colors and different style of dresses distinguish this nation from others.

The colorful Pakistani streets full of small shops and lots of crowd make it a lively place for tourists. Unlike crowded cities, there is endless nature’s beauty in the northern areas.

The breathtaking landscapes in Northern Pakistan also attract many tourists. People who are fond of silent places and only concern with natural beauty should travel Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Northern Punjab. KPK is the most visited place by the tourists across the globe. The historical places of Lahore and Multan also become center of attraction for many tourists.

All of these reasons can force any tourist to visit Pakistan by saving a lot of hard-earned money. The Military of Pakistan have started an operation against terrorism and got higher success in it. Therefore, tourists don’t need to feel reluctant before going to Pakistan. Pakistan was named as the top travel destination for 2020.

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