Shehzad Sheikh

Ayesha Omer

Ahmed Ali

Yasir Hussain

Aashir Wajahat

Javed Sheikh

Eshita Syed

Mantaha Tareen

Rasheed Naz

Wajahat Rauf (guest appearance)

Director: Wajahat Rauf

Producer: Wajahat Rauf

Story: Wajahat Rauf

Screenplay: Yasir Hussain

Edited By: Hassan Ali Khan

Music: Sur Dawaish

Release Date: 31st July, 2015

Box Office: Rs 8 crore

One of the commercially successful movies of 2015 is Karachi se Lahore. The trailer and the item song of Ayesha Omer had already created a lot of interest; however the movie is much more than an item song. Karachi se Lahore is the first film directed by Wajahat Rauf and also the first road film of Pakistan.

Zaheem (Shehzad Sheikh) and Maryam (Ayesha Omer) are neighbors in the movie Karachi se Lahore who are always bickering over petty things. Zaheem is a frustrated young banker who is not happy with his job and his life. He remains at the receiving end of insults and even his girlfriend Ayesha (Eshita Syed) considers him a loser.

The only bright spots in Zaheem’s life are his two friends Moti (Yasir Hussain) the bearded guy who stammers and Sam (Ahmed Ali); who thinks he is a real lady killer. Ayesha goes to Lahore to meet her relatives where she decides to marry her rich Canada based cousin and informs Zaheem about her decision over the phone.

Zaheem is at a party with his friends and devastated by the news decides to go to Lahore to stop the wedding; however much to his dismay all flights from Karachi se Lahore are cancelled. Zaheem then pleads with his neighbor Maryam to let her borrow her father’s beloved jeep (jeepo), she agrees only on the condition that Zaheem will take her and her brother along and so the five embark on an eventful journey from Karachi se Lahore.

Karachi se Lahore has a predictable story but it shows how people evolve; journeys can be quite insightful. Moti (Yasir Husain) stands out as the best actor in the movie, he stammers and is full of silly funny ideas. His punch lines are hilarious and timing perfect. Ayesha Omer was sensuous in her item number Tutti Fruti.

Ayesha Omer is not the only person who has an item song, Mantaha Tareen who plays the role of Tiwana’s love interest Khushi has also done a mujra song. The tunes composed by Sur Darwish collaboration between Shiraz Uppal, Ali Noor and Ali Hamza are extremely catchy. Karachi se Lahore is a commercial success and has been well-received by the masses.

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