Mohib Mirza has been in multiple serials, television shows, films and commercials. He is most recognized from his work on Aag TV’s sitcom, Ishrat Baji, where he played the main character.

Mohib’s other most noteworthy achievement which led to his stardom was when he hosted Pakistani Idol. Mirza was not always a Pakistani film star however, because it was not until he graduated from St. Judes in North Nazimabad Town that he realized he wanted to be an actor.

It wasn’t an easy road though. He began to run out of money to pay for school, so he and some friends pooled their resources and started a theatre company of their own called Dramaybazz. They wrote and published an Urdu play, which received mass critical appeal.

Mohib Mirza finally began his career as a Pakistani film star in Sakira Kazmi’s PTV drama serial, Zebunnisa. Since then, Mirza has gone on to create a lucrative and diverse career in the Pakistan film industry. Mohib finally earned international appeal when he won the award for best supporting actor in the International Filmmaker Film Festival for his work in Insha Allah.

He made history as a Pakistani film star by being the very first Pakistani actor to have received this particular award. Mirza wrote a pictorial book called Silent Cinema, in hopes of bringing Pakistan’s film industry forward. He has big plans for this particular work.

While Mohib has made a name for himself in Pakistan as a Pakistani film star, it is known that he receives more attention and press in India. He feels more welcome and more of a star in India, where he says the public treats him differently as a rising actor.

He has received great feedback on his show Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti. He claims to have taken a lot from his personal life into writing the show. Mohib Mirza is a defining act in the Pakistani film industry.

As a great example of a rising Pakistani film star, Mirza inspires more and more young Pakistani actors to try their hands at acting. Mohib Mirza has been an actor for over 10 years, and in that time, has gone to change the Pakistani film industry.

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