Origin of River JehlumBasin of River JehlumLength of River JehlumRiver System
South Western Jammu and KashmirPakistan and India813 kilometers/ 505 milesIndus River System

It is on the western end of all the five rivers of Punjab. It is a tributary of River Chenab and passes through the Jehlum district of Pakistan. It originates from a spring in the south western side of Jammu Kashmir.

It flows through Srinagar and Lake Wular then enter Pakistan through a narrow gorge. River Neelam joins River Jehlum at Domel in Muzzafarabad and then the River Kunhar of Kaghan Valley.

The river also connects Pakistan with the Azad Kashmir at the Kohala Bridge which is east of circle Bakote. River Poonch joins it and then flowing through the district of Mirpur it flows into the Mangla dam.

It enters the Jehlum district in Punjab Province flowing through the plains forming a boundary between Sindh Sagar Doabs and Chaj. It then joins River Chenab at Trimmu of Jhang district, which in turn joins River Sutlej forming the Panjnad by joining River Indus at Mithankot.

As a result of the Indus Basin Project few control structures are built to the waters of the Jehlum, namely:

  1. Mangla dam: It was built in 1967 and is considered to be one of the largest earth fill dams of the world with storage capacity of about 5.9 million acre feet.
  2. Trimmu Barrage: It was built in 1939 and located at the confluence with the River Chenab near the town of Mari Shah Sakhira. It has the capacity of discharging a maximum of 645,000 cubic feet/s i.e. 18,000 cubic meters/s.
  3. Rasul Barrage: It was completed in 1967 and a flow of about 850,000 cubic feet/s i.e. 24,000 cubic meters/s.
  4. Harahpur Bridge: It is also called the Victoria Bridge and was constructed in 1933. The location is about 5 kilometers from Malakwal near the village of Chak Nizam. It is about a kilometers long and mainly used by the Pakistan Railways with a small passage for light vehicles as well.

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