It was called Iravati or Parushani by Indians in Vedic times. It flows from west to southwest in Punjab Province of Pakistan near Bahawalpur for about 475 miles then joins the River Chenab. It is an integral part of the Indus River system as it forms the heads waters of the Indus basin.

The river drains into the Indian Ocean through the River Indus. It rises in the Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh, India. This is the smallest of the five rivers in Punjab Province. It originates in the Mid Himalayas from the glaciers and follows north wertern path. It is mostly fed by snow melt.

Origin of River RaviMouth of River RaviBasin of River RaviLength of River RaviRiver SystemTributaries of River RaviElevationof River Ravi
Chamba District of IndiaRiver Chenab (Indo Pak Border)Pakistan and India901 kilometersIndus River SystemSutlej and Bias on the left, Chenab and Indus on the right14,000 feet

River Ujh is on eof the tributary of River Ravi whose source is in Kailash Mountains at an elevation of about 4,300 meters near Jammu district. It joins Ravi at Nainkot in Pakistan.

The main river flows past the Chamba town which is located at an elevation of 856 m. There used to be a long wooden bridge to cross the River Ravi. It flows along the border between India and Pakistan for about 80 kilometers or 50 miles before entering Pakistan and then joins with the River Chenab.

It skirts the historic city of Lahore below Amritsar in India so it is also called ‘The River of Lahore’. The famous tomb of Jehangir and the tomb of Noor Jahan is located on its west bank in the town of Shahdara in Lahore.

It once skirted the Multan city and once flew near Lahore Fort. After passing form Lahore it turns at Kamlia joining River Chenab in the south of the town named Ahmadpur Sial.

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