Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is a journalist, filmmaker, and a social activist. Sharmeen is known for her work regarding the inequalities prevailing in the Pakistani society and her prime target is the women of Pakistan.

On 29th February, 2016 she was called upon to the stage of dolly theatre in Los Angeles to receive her second Oscar award for the best subject short documentary film of the year “A Girl in the River–The Price of Forgiveness”.

Her first Oscar award in the year 2012 was for the documentary “Saving face” which was based on the acid attack victims and the tragic facial injuries received by the survivors.

Oscars, the academy awards are the prestigious award for the technical and artistic merit of the industry. Hundreds of films from all over the world get a place in the nominee list but a few are selected for the award.

Sharmeen Obaid has honored Pakistan by receiving the Oscar on the documentaries that are highlighting issues existing in Pakistan. She is the only Pakistani with a double Oscar and seven Emmy Awards. She is raising her voice with a hope to evoke people against the noxious evils.

The critics have praised the work by the activist but the people of Pakistan have a mixed opinion especially regarding her achievement. Some believe that she has pictured the negative image of Pakistan and is defaming the country’s image.

Whereas the others believe that she has rightly presented the issues prevailing in the society since the local and national authorities have to wake up and take a stand against the ill practices such as honor killing and acid attacks.

Irrespective of the opinions, she is sweating her energies and efforts on reporting all the different scenarios that highlight the social issues in Pakistan.

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