Pakistan has loads of makeup artist who can transform a plain Jane to a princess with few strokes of brush.

  • The multi-talented duo of Pakistan Ather-Shehzad is known for its expertise behind the lens as well excellent makeup skills. The pair has introduced many leading models and groomed and photographed leading personalities of showbiz.
  • Nabila is among the leading fashion stylist of Pakistan. She has been around for quite some time and is a noted figure in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Her clients include elites, showbiz personalities, sportsperson etc.
  • Khawar Riaz is an iconic figure in Pakistan’s fashion industry. Gifted and talented he considers transforming people with his makeup skills, an art. He has groomed models, film stars and others. Riaz has won national and international awards for his expertise.
  • Mussarat Misbah the beautician from Karachi started with The Depilex Salon in Karachi which now has 23 branches in Pakistan. Mussarat introduced the concept of beauty salons and took make up to a new level with her fresh approach.
  • Tariq Amin is known for his innovations in makeup and hair styling in fashion world of Pakistan. His ideas are bold and he knows how to carry them out beautifully.
  • Through sheer hard work the talented Babloo has carved a name for himself in the fashion world. With a large list of clients, he is a respected name in the industry.
  • Mubbashir Khan is another makeup artist who overcame all hurdles to achieve success. Talented and artistic he is one of the best makeup artists in Pakistan.
  • Saba of Sabs has achieved success in a very short time. This talented lady is one of the most sought after makeup artists of the country.
  • The magical hands of young Akif Illyas transforms ordinary faces into pictures of beauty. Admired for his talents and respected for his skills, Akif is a busy man with a long list of clients.
  • Aliya Tipu of Alle’Nora has taken over the world of paint and powder with her artistic skills. She is currently one of the most successful makeup artists in bridal makeup

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