Pakistanis are a creative nation. There are a huge number of art galleries in Pakistan and the list seems to be growing on a daily basis with all the recent additions.

The most famous of the art galleries are situated in Islamabad and Karachi wherein the seat of art lies. The National Art Gallery which opened to the public very recently in 2007 is one of the most comprehensive art galleries in Pakistan. This art gallery is located in Pakistan opposite the Majlis-e-Shoora, which is the Parliament of Pakistan, on a small hillock.

The National Art Gallery is situated over an area of 1800 square yards, with a total of 14 rooms on display. Besides this, there are a few lecture halls, workshops, storage units, a comprehensive library, and a number of laboratories.

This art gallery was designed by two of the most famous architects in Pakistan, Naeem Pasha and Suhail Abbasi. The building was designed to hold conventions and discussions on a large scale which is reflected by the large space provided for a theatre, stage facilities, and an Amphitheatre. The two architects were chosen from a nation-wide contest held way back in 1989 in which professionals from all over the nation had taken part.

The field of arts in Pakistan has had a long and varied history to boast about. There have been many great artists who have redefined art and brought it to a new level altogether.

The government of Pakistan recognizes the innate talent of the people and thus, there are many art schools or institutions in Pakistan. Some of them include the Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi School of Art, Beacon house National University and National College of Arts which are the top 5 art schools in the country.

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