The night of honoring talent people with style is celebrated as the Lux Style Awards. In 2002, when the idea was in the air of Karachi for the first time, the nation was witnessed crazy and the event was cherished a lot.

Since that era, the Lux Style Awards bring the same excitement every year. This is certainly an event that combines pleasure, entertainment and admiration for those who really deserve to be praised.

The Lux Style Awards have been organized at Karachi and Lahore as the two major destinations so far where it spreads its joys as well as colorful moments. This time the venue was Expo Center, Lahore where the gala was celebrated with its absolute glorious style.

Actors, singers, models, and new talent, who was not there to be honored. The celebrities at the welcoming red carpet experienced countless clicks of cameras which were meant to have splendid snaps of their favorites.

As a trend, The Lux Style Awards bring almost 30 awards every year which are given to the best talent of the entertainment media such as movies, television, music and fashion.

However, The Lux Style awards of 2013 was the day of winners of television, fashion and music industries only and none of Pakistani movies could be a winning mark as the film industry of today in the country is really weak.

As mentioned earlier, the celebration rejoices style in the entertainment world of Pakistan and now has been considered as the Oscar of nation too. Everything was attempted to make the event magnificent. The performances of the night granted the audiences of the Lux Style Awards a breathtaking excitement.

Ahmed Ali Butt hosted the show. Sahiba and Sana performed on some of their favorite songs. Noor and Meera captured more audience with their vibrant performances. Aamina Sheikh, Atif Aslam, Humaima Malick and many more were in the aplenty list of the performers of the night.

If we talk about the winning spots, television media seems victorious with complete shine despite the fact that, the struggle in every television category was seen truly intense.

The smash hit play ‘Humsafar’ ruled in all major categories of the Lux Style Awards and was awarded for best television play, best television actress (Mahira Khan), best television actor (Fawad Khan), and best TV director (Sarmad Khan). Saima Azhar received the Best Emerging Talent award whereas Lifetime Achievement Award was given to late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

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