Three words to describe the people of Pakistan are talkative, helpful and emotional. Pakistanis are a bunch of lively people. Many international travelers have described them as hospitable and friendly.

They love to celebrate every little event or happenings in their lives. They usually express their joy by distributing sweets. They distribute sweets on engagements, marriage and birth of a child and even when Pakistan wins a match. Sweets are distributed at every major and minor accomplishment.

Pakistanis are emotional people and often tend to react without rationalizing; this unfortunately goes against them. They are passionate about their country and are willing to die for it. Their patriotism is known worldwide. Pakistani army is ranked among the top armed forces of the world.

People of Pakistan love to talk. Spend ten minutes with them and they will ask you everything about yourself. If you are suffering from a disease, they will even suggest some homemade cure or the name of the doctor who cured the child of the daughter of a friend of their cousin who incidentally suffered from the same disease and was cured. Pakistanis love to help people, whether friends or strangers. They will pay your bus fare, help you cross the road and even donate blood if needed.

Pakistanis are extremely hospitable. They accord warm welcome to their guests and try to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Respect of elders is an integral part of their lives.

Students of Pakistan are intelligent. Every year they perform outstandingly in the O and A level exams held by the University of Cambridge. Like all other countries of the world, Pakistan also has some miscreants who have tarnished the image of the otherwise intelligent, talented, peace loving and humble people of Pakistan. Pakistan was declared the number one travel destination for 2020.

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