Birth: 20th April, 1895, Lahore, Pakistan

Tenure: 17th October, 1951 – 7th August, 1955

Death: 29th August, 1956, Lahore, Pakistan

Malik Ghulam Muhammad as Governor General:

Ghulam Muhammad was the Finance Minister of Pakistan in 1947. After Liaqat Ali Khan’s death he became the Governor General of Pakistan because Khawaja Nazimuddin was made the Prime Minister.

As the governor general of Pakistan, Ghulam Muhammad’s first major duty was to represent Pakistan at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II held in 1953 in London. He was present in Westminster Abby along with Governor Generals of other nations such as New Zealand, Ceylon, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Malik Ghulam as Finance Minister:

Muhammad was appointed as the first Finance Minister of the country by Liaquat Ali Khan. In 1948, he presented the first budget and draft of Five-Year Plans. Muhammad invited leaders of the Muslim countries to Pakistan for International Islamic Economics Organization where he explained the idea of Muslim economics.

Challenges faced by Malik Ghulam Muhammad:

The Assembly of Pakistan made efforts to change the constitution in 1954 in order to maintain a check over the Governor General’s powers in response to this Malik Ghulam Muhammad dismissed the Assembly itself. The Supreme Court challenged this action.

However, Malik Ghulam Muhammad was successful despite a rebellious letter written by the Chief Justice. In later years this action was seen as the start of the so called royal politics in Pakistan in which non-elected officials get to govern the country and have extensive influence over the society and the provinces.


Malik Ghulam Muhammad had to take a leave of absence in 1955 due to his deteriorating health. Iskander Mirza, the acting governor general dismissed Malik Ghulam Muhammad and he died a year later on 29th August, 1956 at the age of 61 in Lahore, West Pakistan. He was buried in Karachi in Gora Qabristan, Christians’ Graveyard.

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