Newspapers are the oldest medium of communication. Although radio and later TV diminished their popularity, they still hold a significant position and play a big role in our lives. For some people their breakfast is incomplete without the newspaper. The news reporting in the leading newspapers of Pakistan has always been unbiased and honest.

The reporters were at times persecuted by the government and sent to jail but they always upheld the pledge they took as reporters “to report the truth and nothing but the truth”. Besides politics, newspapers also cover sports, crime, international events and business. There are special pages for children and a weekly magazine.

The top 10 newspapers of Pakistan are:

  • The Dawn
  • The Nation
  • Jang
  • Express
  • The News
  • Khabrain
  • Ausaf
  • Din
  • Al-Akhbar
  • Nawa-e-wqt

Radio was and still is popular among the masses. Before the invention of TV people stayed glued to their radio sets. News, dramas, songs, weather report and of course sports commentaries were broadcasted from radios. Above all, Radio Pakistan provided a platform for the actors. Nearly all the TV and film actors began their careers from radio.

Radio Pakistan started its service on 14th August, 1947. It broadcasted programs for local audience and then in 1949 started its international service. At present there are 22 stations in Pakistan. In 1994, FM radio was launched in the major cities of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and has lured back the listeners to the radio sets with a different approach to broadcasting programs. These channels encouraged listeners to participate by calling up the R.Js and participating in debates, quizzes etc.


  • Radio Pakistan
  • Voice of Quran.
  • FM100/ FM 101
  • City FM
  • Radio One
  • Power Radio
  • Hun Radio
  • Radio City
  • Capital Radio
  • Voice of Kashmir

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