Pakistan is a country of immensely talented people. In every field of life it has produced outstanding people. TV dramas are an endeavor of many intelligent people. Pakistan TV dramas provided quality entertainment to people and have always been popular among the masses.

Before the advent of private channels, PTV was the sole form of entertainment. PTV dramas were usually aired at 8 p.m. Some dramas were so popular that the streets wore a deserted look whenever an episode went on air. The popularity of the dramas can be judged from the fact that people arranged their functions on the days when no dramas were shown.

Some dramas have been telecasted a number of times and are still watched with the same interest.

A list of top ten TV dramas is as follows:

1. Alpha Bravo Charlie

2. Waris

3. Khuda Ki Basti

4. Kundi

5. Dhoop Kinaray

6. Ankahi

7. Aroosa

8. Karb

9. Uncle Urfi

10. Marvi

Since its inception in 1964, TV has become a part of our lives. PTV was a state owned body. Many entertaining and informative programs were shown on TV. As it was state owned, its policy changed with every change in government which was very often.

PTV aired the programs and news it wanted the viewers to watch. However in 1989, the monopoly of PTV ended when private channel STN was issued license. Since then there has been no turning back. With licenses being issued, TV channels cropped up just as mosquitoes crop up during rains.

These channels provide entertainment in the form of dramas, music programs, talk shows and telefilms. Some channels are dedicated to a specific subject only as music, sports, fashion, religion and business. The competition between the channels is so tough that to be in front the channels provide second by second coverage of any event occurring anywhere in the country.

A list of TV channels is as follows:

1. PTV

2. ARY Digital

3. Aaj TV

4. Geo

5. Dawn News

6. Express News

7. Hum TV

8. CNBC Pakistan

9. Indus Vision

10. MTV Pakistan

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