The need of Business Schools arose when a number of international organizations and foreign banks opened their branches in Pakistan and needed personnel with sound knowledge of business administration.

The main motive of the business schools was to provide students with the best quality education in management sciences and its related branches thus producing competent professionals.

Initially teaching finance and marketing, the business schools now offer courses in economics, Commerce and human sciences. The business schools strive to instill creativity and leadership qualities. They encourage students to think, rationalize and make their own decisions.

After a three year under graduate course, a BBA degree is awarded. Students can also pursue a master’s degree (MBA) in various disciplines. Business education plays a vital role in building a successful career in today’s highly challenging and competitive business world.

Today there are about 87 HEC recognized business schools, out of which 59 belong to the private and 28 to the public sector.

Top 20 Business Schools in Pakistan are listed below (They are ranked in no specific order):
⦁ LUMS-Lahore University of Management Sciences (Lahore)
⦁ IBA-Institute of Business Administration (Karachi)
⦁ Iqra University, (Karachi)
⦁ LSE-Lahore School of Economics
⦁ NUST-National University (Business School Islamabad)
⦁ UMT-University of Management & Technology (Lahore)
⦁ SZABIST-Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & technology (Karachi)
⦁ IBM-Institute of Business Management (Karachi)
⦁ Institute of Management Sciences (Lahore)
⦁ PIM-Pakistan Institute of Management (Karachi)
⦁ FAST- NU Lahore Business school
⦁ University of Karachi –School of Business
⦁ University of Punjab-Institute of Business Administration
⦁ FCC-Forman Christian college-School of Management
⦁ University of Central Punjab-PCBA
⦁ CBM-College of Business Management (Karachi)
⦁ Iqra University (Islamabad)
⦁ Institute of Management sciences(Peshawar)
⦁ UCL-University college Lahore
⦁ Bahauddin Zakariya University (Multan)

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