Computer is no doubt the greatest and the most revolutionary invention of all times, changing the face of society all over the world. Today, it is nearly impossible to compete in any field of work without computer know-how.

Education is incomplete without being able to operate computer. It is the era of globalization where the whole world is in direct contact with everyone around the world through computers. It is the time of information and technology and computer education is the key to advancement in the economic development of every country.

Pakistan is one of the top countries producing excellent software consultants and engineers. There are quite a number of computer colleges throughout the country in both public and private sector. Some of them are among the finest universities of the world in computer education.

Given below is the list of top 20 computer Colleges of Pakistan: (This list is not in the ranking order.)

⦁ GIKI-Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Sciences (Topi, Islamabad)
⦁ NUST-National University of Science & Technology (Islamabad)
⦁ Air University (Islamabad)
⦁ UET-Department of Computer Sciences (Lahore)
⦁ FAST-Institute of Computer Sciences
⦁ COMSATS-Institute of Information technology (Islamabad)
⦁ National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (Islamabad)
⦁ LUMS-Lahore University of Management & Sciences
⦁ Fauji Foundation Institute of Management & Computer Sciences(Islamabad)
⦁ IBM-College of Computer science & Information system (Karachi)
⦁ Aptech Computer Education (Lahore)
⦁ Sarhad University of Science & Information technology (Peshawar)
⦁ Pearl Institute of Management & Information technology (Quetta)
⦁ University of Central Punjab-PICS (Lahore)
⦁ Computer Training Centre Institute (Islamabad)
⦁ Beaconhouse Informatics (Lahore, Karachi)
⦁ Royal Institute of Computer (Karachi)
⦁ Union College of Computer (Karachi)
⦁ Bahria Institute of Management & Computer Sciences (Karachi)
⦁ College of Computer Sciences (Gujranwala)

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