The importance of health cannot be denied in any country. In Pakistan, this profession is highly respected. Five year training program is required to qualify for a medical doctor degree (MBBS) and four year training for a BDS degree.

In Pakistan, there are around 32 medical colleges in public and 36 in the private sector. The government has set up colleges in different parts of the country to cater to the increasing demand of medical doctors.

Basically, the good medical colleges are in three main cities: Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi. There are some more in other cities as well; providing quality education to our future doctors.

Pakistan is proud to have some outstanding medical universities some as old as 150 years. These universities have produced a number of dedicated doctors who do their utmost to alleviate the human suffering throughout the world.

Pakistan has a lot of very high quality institutes of Medical education. We are home to the 7th largest group of doctors in the world. The quality of education imparted is at par with the leading medical universities of the world. Some universities are also affiliated with foreign universities.

The five year MBBS course comprises of classroom lectures as well as clinical training in associated hospitals. The exams are held at the end of each semester and students are judged on their theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Pakistani doctors are known throughout the world for their hard work and dedication to their profession.

Here is a list of top medical colleges of Pakistan:
⦁ King Edward Medical college (Lahore)
⦁ Agha Khan Medical college (Karachi)
⦁ Allama Iqbal Medical college (Lahore)
⦁ DOW Medical college (Karachi)
⦁ Fatima Jinnah Medical college (Lahore)
⦁ Sind Medical college (Karachi)
⦁ Chanka Medical college (Quetta)
⦁ Nishtar Medical college (Multan)
⦁ Rawalpindi Medical college (Rawalpindi)
⦁ Quaid-e-Azam Medical college (Bahawalpur)
⦁ Punjab Medical college (Faisalabad)
⦁ Kabir Medical college (Peshawar)
⦁ Baqai Medical college (Karachi)
⦁ D’Mont Dental college (Lahore)
⦁ Karachi Medical & Dental college (Karachi)
⦁ Abottabad International Medical college (Abottabad)
⦁ Zia uddin Medical college (Karachi)
⦁ Khyber Medical college (Peshawar)
⦁ Lahore Medical & Dental college (Lahore)
⦁ PIMS-Quaid-e-Azam Post Medical college (Islamabad)

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