Education is the backbone of a country. For a country to prosper, its educational system must be strong. It is well said that ‘Education is the third eye of a man’. And school is the first step towards the world of education for a child after home.

No country can make significant economic progress if majority of its citizens cannot get primary education. Every year the government of Pakistan allocates a substantial amount of money for education. Unfortunately the government has not been able to make an impact however; the private sector has been more than successful.

At the time of partition, missionary schools and those run by philanthropists were imparting education to the masses. Now a number of schools have been opened with the aim of educating the younger generations.

Pakistan is one country with a huge number of its population in their early years. Naturally, the requirement of new and more schools and a good education has increased a lot on the recent past. A lot of new school systems are based on modern education system, but there are some schools which are still considered better than the others.

These schools have produced doctors, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, actors, models, educationalists and many more professionals some of whom have won accolades for Pakistan abroad.

The list of top 25 private schools in Pakistan is given below in no particular order:
⦁ Aitchison college (Lahore)
⦁ Convent schools
⦁ Karachi grammar
⦁ The Mama Parsi International school (Karachi)
⦁ Lahore Grammar (Lahore & Islamabad)
⦁ Sadiq Public School (Bahawalpur)
⦁ Habib Public School (Karachi)
⦁ Beaconhouse school system
⦁ The City school
⦁ Burnhall school (Abottabad)
⦁ Hassan Abdal
⦁ Foundation Public school (Karachi)
⦁ International school of choueifat (Lahore)
⦁ Chand bagh school (Muridke)
⦁ Abottabad Public school
⦁ St. Michael’s school (Karachi)
⦁ Crescent Model school (Lahore)
⦁ CAS (Karachi)
⦁ Karachi International school
⦁ Islamabad International school
⦁ Lahore American school
⦁ Pak-Turk International school
⦁ Scarsdale school (Lahore)
⦁ PECHS (Karachi)
⦁ Escena Foundation (Lahore)

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