The charming city of Quetta in Pakistan attracts tourists because of its unique features. One of the best things about Quetta is that accommodation for all price ranges is available here.

Serena Hotel Quetta is the most expensive place to stay but the service and amenities are worth every penny. Lourdes Hotel is the second best option in high end hotels. There are many moderately priced hotels which provide clean rooms and good service such as Qasr-e-Naz, Fab’s Hotel, Marina Hotel, Shees Hotel, Hotel Al-Naem, Islamabad Hotel, Hotel Maryton, Deluxe Hotel, Qasr-e-Gul and Zulfiqar Hotel.

Hotel Bloom Star and Gardenia Resort also provide decent service and accommodation at a mid-price range and are located in a bit of a secluded place so if you are looking for some solitude, these hotels are definitely for you. Those on a budget can stay at the Azad Muslim Hotel.

There are two museums worth visiting in Quetta; the Geological Museum and the Archaeological Museum. A great collection of rocks, gems, minerals and even meteorites is on display in the Museum of Geological History.

An interesting collection of fossils of prehistoric animals and plants have also been put up for exhibition some of them dating back to 500 million years. A comprehensive history of the place can be studied from the wide variety of historic items exhibited in the Archaeological Museum.

Pottery, coins, weapons and other items belonging to the early Islamic era are also found here. The main attractions of Quetta are Hanna Lake and the Chilton Hazar Gangi National Park. Hanna Lake is located five miles from Quetta.

The beautiful man-made lake is a striking contrast to the rugged mountains that surround it. Hanna Lake is one of the most picturesque picnic spots of Pakistan. There are activities such as chairlift rides and boating and people can also go for hiking.

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is located 20 km outside Quetta; it is a must see place if you are a nature lover. This place is a sanctuary for wildlife species and some rare trees are found here.

Some great places to shop in Quetta are the Kandhar Bazar, Suraj Ganj Bazar and the Liaquat Bazar. You can buy traditional handicrafts, clothes and shoes for men, women and children and a host of other items.

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