Chitral valley of Pakistan is present on the western bank of River Kunhar at an altitude of 1,100 meters. This picturesque valley is present at the foot of Tirich Mir (7690m) that is highest peak of Hindukush range. Valley of Chitral is covering an area of 14,833 sq. Km.

Picturesque Chitral valley is landlocked by the mountains covering it from all the sides. However, there are few passes that are connecting it with the rest of the world. Towards the south Lowari pass (3,200m), connects the valley Chitral with the Peshawar. Most of the local tourists use this pass to reach the Chitral valley. Whereas, towards the east, Shandur pass connects the Chitral with Gilgit.

Towards the west, Dorah pass link chitral vlley of Pakistan with the Afghanistan in the North, there is Baroghil pass, through this pass Chitral is connected with Wakhan Valley.

All these passes that are connecting Chitral with rest of the Pakistan are present at great height so for 6 months of a year they remain closed due to heavy snow. It means Chitral valley is accessible only for six months of a year.

However, now this problem will be relieved after the completion of Lowari tunnel that is under construction. Through Lowari tunnel Chitral valley will be open throughout the year. Local inhabitants speak language named as Khowar and has approximately 13 other dialects.

Other languages of Chitral are Gujari, Damelli, Phalura, Gawar-Bati, Nuristani. Kalasha. Yidhga,Kirghiz and Wakhi. However, majority of people living in Chitral can speak and understand Urdu and Pushto language as well. Local inhabitants are famous due to their traditional hospitality.

There is a strong music tradition in Chitral. Shehnai and Dhol accompany all the polo matches. Chitrali like to sing and dance. Winter season here is extremely cold and most of the time temperature remains below 0 C. Heavy snow fall is a common feature of the winter season, and due to this snow the Chitral valley remains disconnected from rest of the Pakistan. Summers are moderate with maximum temperature of 35C.

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