Hunza Valley of Pakistan is a breath-taking mountainous valley present at an elevation of 2400 meters. This valley is present in great Karakoram Range in the north of river Hunza.

Vale of Hunza is famous globally due to the longevity of its people. It’s a splendid valley with river Hunza passing through the centre. It is surrounded by overwhelming peaks of Rakaposhi, Ultar, Lady Finger, Diran, hunza, golden and Passu peak. Karimabad is the main town of Vale of Hunza. Historical Baltit fort of Hunza is present here that is unique due to its wooden outlook.

After the construction of Karakoram highway (KKH), now this Hunza valley is easily accessible, as a result a large number of local as well as foreign tourists use to visit this astounding valley. Through this highway Hunza valley is connecting to China through breath-taking Khunjerab Pass and throughout this journey river Hunza keep on flowing on the eastern side of KKH.

Hunza Valley of Pakistan is famous due to mouth-watering apricots, almonds. Dry fruits are also growing in large quantity. Cultivation is practiced on terraced fields extending from high pastures down to the rivers.

Local people of Hunza valley have developed an extensive system of canals and through these canals melt water is bringing down from glaciers to the fields and to the residential areas. Through small open canals melted water of glaciers is also supplied to the homes for drinking and other purposes. This water is considered to be the reason of longevity of local people.

When you are in Hunza valley, you can visit stunning valley of Nagar, Passu, Khunjerab Pass. Eagle’s nest is a point near Hunza valley; from here you can have a fabulous view of whole Hunza valley. From here we can hike up to famous Altit fort as well.

Hunza is considered as an ideal place for hiking, trekking and mountaineering. Ismaili Shia Muslims are present in very large numbers in Hunza, who are the followers of Prince Karim Agha Khan IV.

Burushaski, Shina and Wakhi are the local languages however, many people can understand Urdu and English as well. Unique feature of the Hunzai people is their 90% literacy rate. Ideal time period to visit Hunza is from May to October.

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