Chitral Valley is famed due to its Shandur Festival. This festival is held every year; it is famous and unique because in this festival polo is played at the polo ground that is highest in the world (3,719m).

Due to this reason a large number of local and foreign tourist visit Chitral valley to enjoy this festival. Shandur top is equally distant from Chitral as well as from Gilgit. So if you are going to visit Chitral valley then you can visit Gilgit valley as well.

Garam Chashma is located at a distance of 45 Km in the North West of Chitral valley at an altitude of 1,859 meters. Here hot Sulphur springs are present which this fame that they have healing effect for skin diseases, chronic headaches and gout.

Recently, for the convenience of visitors Hamams have been developed here near the springs. Another beautiful place liked by the tourists is Chitral Gol National Park located in the North West of the Chitral valley. It covers an area of 7,750 hectares and was established in 1984.

In this park you can found Himalayan monal, Demosille Crane, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle, Snow Partridge, Snow Cock etc. many other rare animals like Snow leopard, Siberian ibex, Red Fox, Tibetan Wolf, Black Bear, Himalayan Otter also present here. Shandur Lake, Chiyan Lake, Karbaza Lake and chatti Bai Lake are also beautiful point to be visited by tourists visiting Chitral valley.

Chitral fort is an important historical point and is very famous among tourists due to its unique architecture. This fort has built for administration as well as for defence purpose. The fort is believed to have been built in 1774. It is situated along the bank of river Chitral. Prince of Katoor dynasty famously known as Mehtars have built this fort.

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