Pakistan is full of naturally beautiful and alluring places. There are many more to see when you travel within Pakistan to explore the splendor and magnificence of the country.

Yasin Valley is one of the beautiful valleys of Pakistan which is found in the north of the country. On the profile of travel Pakistan, Yasin Valley ethnically and ecologically, acknowledged as an attractive place to visit. If you want to experience the real beauty of nature, visit to Yasin valley.

It is such a marvelous place that will make you forget your daily problems and stress. The most suitable time to have a trip to Yasin valley is between May and September because of its perfect weather.

The valley has lots of striking places to visit including great mountains, snow-blanked peaks, snaked curved beautiful rivers, crystal clean natural springs, rambling fields, remarkable lakes, and lots of glaciers. The inhabitants of the valley have a wonderful culture where they truly look upon variety and mutual respect.

They are full of hospitality and value. When you are in Yasin Valley, do not forget to visit Darkut, one of the sub-valleys of Yasin. It is very beautiful and awesome place to gaze at. You just feel yourself in heaven with its attractive sceneries of lakes and high mountains. There is a glacier that separates Darkut from Boroghil valley.

At a distance of two kilometer, amazing spring flowing from the land with the amazing attractiveness of the magnificent glacier awaits you. If you are a lover of natural beauty and travel Pakistan, you must see this small village of Yasin Valley.

You can also experience some historical memories by visiting the remains of Gohar Aman’s castle, who ruled on Yasin valley for many years. Another exited placed to see is the bottom of the valley which is near the Darkut village.

You can see a lofty range disconnecting the catchments area of Yasin valley from Yarkhum River. Some peaks beautifully snow-blanketed peaks can be seen from there whose peaks reach altitudes of more than 6000m.

If you are interested in rejoicing the moments of trekking, Shsha Jenali- Thoi trek, Asümbar-Ishkoman Trek or Darhkut-Broghol trek are some of excited routes that would double the excitement of the journey. In addition, you also can enjoy camping near crystal-clear lakes such as Khalti Lake along with listening to the harmony of nature around you.

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