Not long from now saw the arrival of eminent movies including the exceptionally expected spy thriller Operation 021 and the wrongdoing trick parody Na Maloom Afraad. Plan: Omer Asim

Notwithstanding the way that there were just three noteworthy film discharges in 2014, the differences being shown on celluloid was sufficient to legitimacy a brighter future for Pakistani silver screen in 2015.

Best Films in Tribune Awards in Pakistan 2015

Tamanna: In 2015 saw the arrival of striking movies including the very foreseen the wrongdoing trick drama Na Maloom Afraad and spy thriller Operation 021.

We likewise saw chiefs wander into more up to date and unexplored classifications with motion pictures like show thriller Dukhtar, political-dramatization .

The neo-noir Tamanna and The System. 2015 catches the likelihood of arrivals of outstanding movies like Moor, Jalaibee, Downward Dog and Yalghaar yet separated from there is very little on the timetable truly.

Dukhtar: We cut you the rundown on the best of Pakistani silver screen brought to the table in (2014) and anticipate your vote to choose who is best among our chosen people by Tribune Cinema Awards.

The classification for ‘best performer in a lead part – female’ has been hacked out because of an absence of capable female lead characters in movies that were discharged for this present year.

Best Director

Operation 021 is Pakistan’s endeavor at a surveillance thriller and ended up being the most in fact sound Pakistani film to date.

Na Afraad all its whimsical diversion caught the life each Pakistani attempting to become famous as unstable as Karachi.

Best Supporting Actor (Female)

Jami Mahmood wandered into a perilous region by coordinating Pakistan’s first spy-thriller and made a praiseworthy showing.

Nabeel Qureshi’s in Na Maloom Afraad notwithstanding being exuberant with the Bollywood, the film was an incredible illustration of how to make a perfect Masala film.

Best Music (Film)

Nayyar Ejaz in Operation 021 furnishes Shaan with a way out.

Nayyar Ejaz play protection specialists Samuel, who makes up for lost time with the trick by characters in Na Maloom.

Saleem Mairaj played a role medication fanatic who conveys an address in bomb making.

Best Screenplay

Na Maloom Afraad

Mo Azmi – Operation 021

Vicky Haider’s -Kami & Shani (Na Maloom Afraad )

Best Editing

Vicky Haider’s -Kami & Shani (Na Maloom Afraad)

Sahir Ali Bhagga & Peter Nashel (Dukhtar)

Best Actor (male)

Maloom Afraad – Asif Mumtaz

Operation 021 – Team 021/ Rizwan AQ

Best supporting actor (Male)

Ayub Khoso plays a one eyed at yet far-located Afghanistan man Operation 021.

Fahad Mustafa is down on luckiness, salesperson in Na Maloom Afraad.

Best Actor in a negative part

Mohib Mirza is a driver, Sohail who helps escorts mother little girl couple of Zainab and Allah Rakhi to wellbeing in Dukhtar.

Mohsin Abbas Haider plays the Romeo-esque daydreamer Moon trying to discover a living in Dubai in Na Maloom Afraad.

Shaan Shahid does in which he is good at, battling off terrorists during attempting to overlook his disturbed past as operators Kash.

Best Debut

Adnan Shah Tipu through his fierce depiction of Ghorzang Khan, whose strengths the folks of young lady in marriage in Dukhtar.

Shamoon Abbasi, or Pakistan’s chief terrible gentleman, was great as CIA’s Pakistani operators Danish in Operation 021. Salman Shahid plays no kindness and no-gibberish adoptive parent Gogi, of overall quirky pack in the Na Maloom Afraad.

Best Cinematography

Urwa Hocane

Mohsin Haider

Omair Rana

Fahad Mustafa

Best Cameo Appearance

Aamina Sheik was Shaan’s adoration enthusiasm for the 2013 spy thriller and does well with her short yet noteworthy screen vicinity.

Urwa Hocane plays the young lady adjacent Naina, who is frantic to wed her boyfriend in Na Maloom Afraad.

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