Turbat lies in the southwest of the Balochistan province in the Kech District. It is the second largest city of Balochistan. Turbat is one of hottest cities of South Asia. It lies on the left bank of the Kech River.

Turbat is known for the high quality dates it produces. There is also a date processing factory. The town is not developed and water scarcity adds to the problems of the residents. The Mirani Dam project 30 miles west of Turbat was launched in 2002 and is believed to lessen the water woes of the area.

Turbat also has a small airport and is linked to the other parts of the province and the main city Karachi via a network of roads. There is one university, four colleges, three government schools and five private schools in Turbat.

1. The Palace of the Nawab

Turbat has an interesting history. It was the headquarters of the Makran State when Makran was under the rule of the Gichki Tribe. A palace where the Nawab of the Gichki tribe lived still exists.

2. Punnu’s Fort

Turbat is said to be the home of Punnu Hoth, the hero of the love story Sassi Punnu. Punnu was a prince and the remains of his fort are still present in Turbat. Locals claim the Punnu’s fort can be traced back to 6000-8000 BC.

3. Koh e Murad

Koh e Murad is said to be the sacred place of the Zikris. The Zikris follow the Zikri Faith which they claim is a branch of Islam. According to the Zikris, their spiritual leader Mohammed Janpuri who they view as Mehdi the last Imam visited this place. They hold a big zikr here on the 27th of Ramadan.

Other places worth visiting are the Nazim’s Mosque and the Turbat Rest House.

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