Pakistan along with being a nation is a strange phenomenon in itself. There was a time when entire world was against its formation and now is the time when Pakistan has attained a very important strategic position. Pakistan surely is facing multiple problems, but the young generation of this decade is a hopeful sign for Pakistan.

The young generation is enthusiastic, innovative, and optimistic and has big plans for this country. Many institutions and associations are being developed by the young students which are thoroughly working day and night for the development of Pakistan.

One such young Marketing Manager Fahad in UMT shared his immense confidence in the young generation. He showed his desperate desire to do something for this country on a bigger platform.

Fahad said that he feels extremely lucky to be a part of Pakistani student community which is full of zeal and energy to do something for Pakistan. Fahad believes that with the increase in problems of Pakistan, an evident increase in optimism among the youth is being seen which ultimately will lead to revolution in Pakistan.

He believes that the energy among the educated class to fight for this country in every aspect is worth appreciating as it is definitely going to bring a major change in Pakistan.

The immense optimism and rational approach of the youth is surely going to give Pakistan a right track to follow. One right step or a policy could change the entire structure of this nation.

The youth of this beautiful country strives hard to achieve their ultimate goals which will help Pakistan prosper. Pakistanis, no matter wherever they are, work hard for their motherland. Their life goals and aims remain the same as they never forget their roots.

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