The land of pure, Pakistan came into being based on a proper ideology which has its own religion, culture, norms, traditions and values. This ideology was the message of people which turned into a practical notion in 1947 due to enormous sacrifices of our ancestors.

The blood which was shed for this piece of land had passion, sincerity and purity due to which Pakistan still exists. The pure land of Pakistan has given much to its people with an unconditional love. We as a nation might not have given much to our country but Pakistan has always been there to reward us, protect us and love us.

All the sacrifices of our ancestors sure do look a waste now, but it would surely end well.

These encouraging words were added to the conversation by Senior Manager Marketing of DAWN Mr. Syed Kashif Ahmed. Mr. Kashif criticized on the problems persisting in Pakistan in a very constructive way by highlighting the personal interests and lack of good leadership.

He pointed out the lack of education and irrational behaviors which are a big cause in the struggling position of Pakistan. Along with this, Mr. Kashif believes that problems are going to persist, but we as an individual need to love Pakistan with all its problems and contribute to our full capacity.

Mr. Kashif made few suggestions in which he stressed over the spread of education among everyone along with keeping the political interests aside. He suggested a very unique idea of establishing a think tank which would include leading educationists, lawyers, students, businessmen and people from different walks of life to solve the major problems.

Mr. Kashif also suggested that the government role should be to give rebates to this think tank in order to bring the best results for Pakistan. With such constructive minds and innovative development minds, no doubt Pakistan will come out of the problems and will rise as the center of Islam and as a nation strong as iron.
Pakistan Zindabad!

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