With incredibly revolutionary poetry by Allah Muhammad Iqbal, the compassionate lead by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the unending urge and effort of the Muslims of subcontinent led to the formation of a green land, my land, Pakistan.

This is a land which has given us the opportunity to be what we are and what we are to be. No wonder Pakistan is a treasure land with four seasons, four provinces, four diverse cultures, four rituals and different religions and Islam being the base of its existence.

Such a rich country no wonder could survive till eternity. The magnanimous hearts of this nation are brave and ready to defend their country till their last breath.

Pakistan is a country whose value has been used, but never realized.

A beautiful statement was added by Assistant professor Munawar of Geography department in Punjab University. His ancestors participated in the struggle for establishing Pakistan so the conversation had more emotions and personal experiences.

Professor Munawar showed gratitude to not only the Muslims who migrated but to Sikhs and Hindus who actually cried on the separation as they were to lose their dear friends. Professor Munawar mentioned the immense pain and difficulties which the Muslims went through during migration.

He paid respect and gratitude to the ancestors who sacrificed their lives to achieve the freedom for this generation. Mr. Munawar highlighted the strategic importance of Pakistan in the South Asian region and considered Pakistan as a vulnerable baby in ICU which fights for its existence every moment.

Professor Munawar believes that no matter how much Pakistan is being slow poisoned but this tiny piece of land with brave hearts and optimistic emotions will survive till the end and fight for its existence (God be willing).

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