“Ab mujhy koi intzar kahan…….there’s always a first time.”

A beautiful expression was added by Amber Raza while she was sharing her love and passion for Pakistan. A Marketer by profession, here is how Amber has expressed herself:
“I am unable to recall the day when I first realized that I can think or feel. In other words, I can’t recall that day when I was introduced to myself. Amazingly my very first memory about myself starts from the day when I first time realized that I have wasted my whole life sleeping. I was four and a half at the time. After that I made sure I would be awake most of the time. Just to experience the taste of this wonderful gift of life. The gift of Pakistan.”

She further added, “Those were early days of 80s when I used to live abroad with my family. My family was among the working class who chose to move away from home land. Moving away from your country makes two kinds of major differences in life. First you become comparatively strong financially and secondly start to lose track of your originality.

That’s what started to happen with me while living away from my homeland. I was unable to relate to different things happening in Pakistan. As we all know it’s always about first impression. My first impression about Pakistan was a place where you are free to do anything. I was really young to analyze that it’s not technically possible. But it does not make much of a difference now. I used to visit this amazing country along with my parents and every time it had something new to offer.

Even the worst offered by this land thrilled me and made me fall in love with this pure country. I was 10 when during one of my visits I was introduced to curfew. To me it was pure adventure just like Indiana Jones. I never thought why in your own country you are not allowed to move freely by your own people. I guess I was not smart enough. This wonderful country of mine introduced me to this fact that how can people get happy on someone’s death as it can be a sign of relief for them.

Pakistan is a first place where I experienced first rain along with flood experience. With each horrific experience my love for this country increased. This country has something strange about it. The more you think about it the more you fall for it.

Things remained the same here since my child hood. To me it seems that we are reading the same script again and again. But the beauty of this script is retained as it gives us new angles every time. No earth quake, no flood and no corruption can stop us from being optimistic about Pakistan. To me we are amazingly brave people and that’s why I love my county and my people.”

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