The more you talk to people and try to know their emotions about Pakistan, the bigger picture changes not only for this nation but for the entire world.

No wonder that the unconditional love and high spirits of this nation are driving force of this country. Muhammad Waqas Iqrar, a young chief operating officer and co-founder of Goodlogics shares his beautiful emotions with us as follows:

“Pakistan… It’s something part of my entity. I belong to the family who travelled across Arabian deserts to settle in this land of God. They had to migrate within this Indus soil many time before and after independence. My Immediate forefather had to start their lives a couple of time from scratch in this homeland yet they had marvelous satisfaction, courage and hope within which even can’t be seen in people living for centuries here.

They share stories hardship of freedom struggle, living in shelters, Hajji Camps & moving on and on; never complaining about anything. I think I inherited the same love & spirituality for this homeland instead of biasness & prejudices. I started my life from zero itself, with no vision & clear path to but by the Grace of Allah almighty, this homeland created paths for me to follow and made me what I am, and will be whole my Life.”

He also said, “If I have to tell why I love Pakistan, I seriously won’t be able to put words to it. I think love knows no reason, no expectations or pre-conditions to exist. I don’t have any contradictions associated; it has my identity, my religion everything.

Sometimes like a perfect motherhood. If Pakistan is dragged out of me, there won’t be anything but a shallow structure or living thing will be left. I know one thing, Pakistan came into being when my Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) predicted about it & When He (Peace Be Upon Him) forgave the Taif people for their brutality. It just got the name of ‘Pakistan’.

We have disintegrated in 1970 and many time before it as well, so we can be in future as well, but every time we fall we get up with new zeal and courage. It’s not confined to a piece of Land or any ethnic group. In fact let me say currently most of the people living in it do not really belong to it specially people who matter the most.”

He further added, “So talking about the future of identity & ideology of Pakistan, it will exist and remain till the Dooms day, till as single person who belongs to the Prophet of God (Peace Be Upon Him) & the way of Life Allah send to us.

People living in this piece of land will learn their lesson hard way and we will eventually rise to the sky. We are very fertile nation producing traitors but we too had some gems who sacrificed their lives & honor even for it. So hopes are high and I believe that 60 plus years are too few to judge the fate & course of Pakistan.”

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