Pakistan is a novelty by its existence. Pakistan is a land that has survived in every calamity and disaster. The people of Pakistan have generous hearts. Hearts that are rich in emotions, courtesy, passion and courage to help bring Pakistan out of trouble every time.

Allah has always protected this country with His special blessings. The patriotism in the times of boom and gloom never vanished and the love for this country grew stronger with every passing day within us.

There are think tanks that spend their days and nights all awake to understand the situation of Pakistan and figure out the ways to help survive this country. One such concerned and patriotic Pakistani is Syed Ali Raza Abidi who is a CEO of Akhlaq Enterprises (PVT) Ltd. (Export Processors of Fresh & Frozen Seafoods) in Karachi.

As the recent flood has caused much of devastation in Pakistan, but the love for Pakistan has been shown by Abidi with his excessive relief efforts in the form of cash and goods. While expressing his emotions, Mr. Ali strongly objected on the idea of Pakistan being a failed state.

To his belief, Pakistan would have not existed and survived if it really was a failed state. Abidi believes that this country was meant to exist and would survive in every situation as the people of Pakistan have big and pure hearts.

He believes that it is easier to criticize Pakistan while sitting behind the computers but when you live here being a patriot, then you feel like doing something practical for this country instead of criticizing.

Seeing the future of Pakistan, Mr. Ali believes that we as the people of Pakistan must play our individual and sincere role to bring this country out of troubles.

He suggested that we need to develop Pakistan by bringing and promoting pro-Pakistan forces while eliminating anti-Pakistan groups. Abidi believes that Pakistani people have all the potential to protect their country and do everything they could to touch new milestones.

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