“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Being a part of Pakistan, we expect much from this country in terms of democracy, necessities, better living style and protection. No wonder that all these essentials never reached us in a perfect shape, but we must remember that there is no such thing as ideal.

Pakistan has given us identity and a homeland in which we can breathe freely and live according to our belief and culture. Walking through the villages and muddy streets, playing with the kids on street and smelling the rain which pours in monsoon, Pakistan for sure is a dreamland which offers us everything. To enjoy the beauty of Pakistan, we need to contribute our part in order to make this land purest.

“Pakistan is an unfinished masterpiece which needs our contribution.”

This beautiful sentiment was shared by the Manager of Academics, Mr. Irfan Basheer in University of Management Sciences. Mr. Irfan expressed his emotions in a very unique way by saying that love for Pakistan is like an inbuilt program in windows which can never be deleted.

He believes that it is in human intellect that we develop certain attachment with the place where we live. This intellect is the cause and motivating source which compels us to work, like and love Pakistan in all times without any discretion. Mr. Irfan believes that the love for Pakistan is deep routed and the roots for this love are growing stronger every day.

The passion shown by Mr. Irfan is what we need in our nation among everyone in order to bring the desired change in Pakistan. May Allah keep blessing Pakistan with such mentors that are a source of blood supply for this beautiful country.

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