On an international stage, Pakistan is clearly struggling with its distorted image. Every one of us, being a Pakistani, knows that we are not what we are being portrayed.

In this time of despair and struggle, there are people who still fancy Pakistan as being the blood supply of every beating heart. One such talented Pakistani is Sarmad Sohail who is a musician and has been living in England for three years.

Here is his beautiful expression for Pakistan: “It is a very important and fundamental question to me” Sohail says, “Why do I love Pakistan? I would answer; nobody can say why he/she loves someone. Love is a gift from Al-Mighty and we can only enjoy it and appreciate it but cannot say why we love someone.

Yet a simple answer is because Pakistan is my Mother land and its gives me my identity. I have been living in UK for over three and a half years now. For me being Pakistani is a matter of Identity. Anywhere I go I am and In Shaa Allah I will be identified as a Pakistani.

To me it’s just like name of a father that gives you Identity in a society, nationality gives you sense of identity in this world. Pakistan gives you a feeling of being related to and a place with which one can identify”.

He further added, “Although on international stage being a Pakistani is almost a criminal offense, yet I am happy and equally proud to be known as a Pakistani only because I believe to some extent and have a small realization of what Almighty has given to this wonderful piece of land.

I am proud to be from Indus Valley Civilization which hosts the world’s best cultural heritage. I am proud of Pakistan for being naturally beautiful, the cultural diversity, rich lingual heritage, being home to world’s 3 largest mountain Ranges, being the homeland to Abdul Sattar Eidhi, its sufi heritage and message of peace.

There is a never ending list of these characteristics. The only thing which worries me is the pure negligence of its people towards all these beautiful gifts. Not only we neglect it but they refuse to accept it.

The only fact that gives me hope to carry on with the struggle to glorify the distorted image of my beloved country is what Allama Muhammad Iqbal said:
“nahi hai na-Umeed Iqbal apni Kisht-e-viraan se
zara nam ho tu yeh mitti bari zarkheez hai saqi”

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