Dil Dil Pakistan.”
A passionate expression by Rai Azlan, the call center executive of Ufone and the founder of MyLandPakistan.com goes like this: “For many it might be just a song, good song, or very good song but for me it is like a real meaning of my life. When this question comes to me that do you love Pakistan, or why do you love Pakistan, I usually find no one liner to answer. It is not because that I don’t love it.

It is just because of the fact that I run out of words when it comes to expressing my love for this land. Pakistan is my country and it has accepted me as its citizen. I might not even be worth of being called a Pakistani in a true sense as Pakistan means land of purity, but Pakistan never disowned me.

I got admission in one of the best universities of this country without being certified in a certain language because my country is generous enough to me. I can roam in the streets of this county without the fear of being deported. What other reasons should one has to love this country?”

He continued, “This country has given me shelter and I feel protected within its arm. Many people might be of the opinion that Pakistan is unsafe. But to me, living in Pakistan and to die here is a biggest desire as I would love to have a small portion of Pakistan’s pure land. I love this country because it is my ultimate source of motivation.

I see the problems of Pakistan as mud in which by only putting my hands, I would be able to come up with a good structure. When I look at the journey of Pakistan, I feel proud because it is the same country that did not even have office stationery at the time of birth and now Pakistan has become a nuclear state. I love my country because it has four seasons. I love my country because it has all kinds of geographical features. I love my country because it has so many places that are worth visiting.”

He further added, “What is the future of Pakistan in my views? One word and that would be “Bright”. We might be having some problems and issues and they might seem to be huge and hard to tackle but they are not impossible to be corrected.

If Pakistan can gain green revolution in almost 18 years of independence then it can surely achieve any level of progress. The need is to put the potential and determination in the right place and in the right direction.”

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