The heart that pumps blood is the heart which is pure with the love of Pakistan. No matter wherever the Pakistani people are, there is a string which keeps them tied up. This string is none other than the green land, Pakistan.

Pakistanis around the world cheer for their country whether they are in Australia, Alaska or Russia. Around the globe, we as a nation have one voice, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. This attachment and emotions are the blessings of this beautiful country that we have today.

We look up to Pakistan when we need security. We look up to Pakistan, when someone questions our identity. We look up to Pakistan when we desire to have comfort. We look up to Pakistan for compassionate and most beautiful moments of our lives. And with all the mishaps, Pakistan has never disappointed us and welcomed us with open arms and warm heart.

“It is like a shadow of tree which protects people and ties them together.”

A sense of protection was expressed by a young lecturer Ibtisam Butt at Punjab University in geography department. Ibtisam recalled her time in Kuwait and believes that she practically experienced Pakistan. She mentioned the difference of attitude she felt when she came to Pakistan.

She believes that the respect and protection one can feel in Pakistan is no match to other countries. Ibtisam shared her Gulf War experience when her family had to leave Kuwait and how Pakistan helped its people and gave them protection.

Talking about the strategic importance of Pakistan in Asian region, Ibtisam believes that Pakistan has been made for some bigger cause which is yet to take place. The love and trust that Ibtisam showed is definitely overwhelming for Pakistan and no doubt Pakistan deserves more.

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