No matter how bad the situation is in Pakistan the people of Pakistan, located in any part of world, would die for this country. The unending attachment and unconditional love of Pakistani people abroad is overwhelming. Why shouldn’t they love Pakistan?

Pakistan has a big heart that has been accepting everyone with compassion in every difficult time. Pakistan has given us an identity to travel around the world without any restriction. Pakistan has given us reasons and seasons to cheer and celebrate.

Pakistan has given us artists and legends which are appreciated around the world. And on top of it, Pakistan has given us a platform which allows us to freely practice and apply Islamic ideology in the best of our capacities.

We had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Ali Yaqoob who is a System Analyst and Information systems team leader in Intel Corporation in UK. Mr. Ali thoroughly believes in religion and its implication in every aspect of life.

He beautifully expressed his love by mentioning that he loves Pakistan due to its unique culture, moral values and norms. Mr. Ali loves Pakistan for amazing and mesmerizing cliffs in Balochistan to the sea in Sindh. Similarly Ali loves Pakistan for its dry lands in Punjab and beautiful mountain tops in the northern areas.

Ali believes that although Pakistan is in trouble, but the nation will come out of the gloomy period by distinguishing between the right and wrong. Ali suggests that people should get education, practice religion and use both of these traits with honesty in every affair of life.

Even being in UK, Ali tends to share strong values and love for Islam. His overwhelming and unconditional love for Pakistan tells us much about the Pakistanis living abroad and their agony for their country’s situation. The brighter side is that people abroad are also hopeful and optimistic about the future of Pakistan. This hope and optimism is going to bring Pakistan out of troubles In shaa Allah.
Pakistan Zindabad!

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