If you want to listen to a heart that breathes and lives Pakistan being abroad, then here is an exceptional and unconditional expression of love by Ahsan Rauf who is a Business Architect in Enterprise architecture department of Dubai Customs:

“Pakistan, a country I come from and identity I have lived with and will live for the rest of my life. People suggest me to put some sense in my mind and think of my children’s future, where will they end up and how will I educate them and what jobs they will take on and live a dream life which every successful individual dreams of.

The easiest way out for those people is to get a foreign nationality and live a so called happy life with a guarantee that their off springs will have success. I ask myself, why don’t I follow them and do the “right thing”? The “Right thing”? What is that, leave my roots, cut my soul, and fade into a culture that was never injected into my blood.

And then I think why I should be in Pakistan and love it with all the corrupted systems and with all its problems created humanly or naturally. I have a reason to say yes I love Pakistan as my country. It sure is a uniqueness in me that differs me from the rest of the world.

Loving Pakistan for me has grown in time when I started connecting to its roots, its moments of cherish, its phases of sorrow, its evolution of change. And I have realized that my soul is totally connected to this piece of land which was created out of miracle, after fighting at all fronts.

The formation of this country has the same meaning when Allah says “that I created you out of nothing”, and yet we as individuals who were created out of nothing are the best of Allah has created.

So if my Pakistan got created out of nothing then I take it as the best of Allah’s creation. And loving the best is no way insane to practice, but rather not loving it is disobedience to Allah’s Intelligence.

The future of my Pakistan is as I call it “We are the rising nation in its own way” with all what are going through, it is a continuous program to make us stronger to face anything comes our way. My Pakistan has best of the breed brains and intellectuals of this world.

Where the intelligent brains can make something like nuclear energy capability from just wreckage, you can just imagine what they can do with something useful. Plus the rise of this country is in the people who are raising their heads above and moving on the revolutionary road forced on them by the nature and our enemies.

Thank you all as we are on the path which is destined for us, a path which one day will lead this world and we will be the leaders In Shaa Allah. Though the way to that ultimate leadership is tough but the results are eventually fruitful. May Allah bless my country. Ameen.”

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