Pakistan, a green land with immense potential and resources is no wonder a reason to live for Pakistanis. We as a nation love and have loved this country with all the odds.

The over whelming emotion and passion for Pakistan is a result of sheer unconditional love of its people for this amazingly beautiful and rich country.

Pakistan is not only blessed with different seasons and resources, but it has been blessed with values, norms, culture and culture in the most coherent way. And on top of everything, Pakistan has given us an identity and a sense of belonging which no worldly phenomenon could do. What more could we ask for?

Such are the cumulative sentiments for this amazing country and such are sentiments of Dr. Syed Mubashir Ali, the associate professor of finance at the finest institutes of Pakistan, LUMS. Dr. Mubashir loves Pakistan for its people, values, morals and norms.

He believes that the idea of Pakistan itself depicts strong optimism and no wonder what happens, the nation is going to standby its country in all the odds. Talking about the future of Pakistan, Dr. Mubashir expressed much optimistic approach as he thoroughly believes in the energy and passion of the young generation.

He believes that Pakistan has the most energetic and revolutionary youth who are ready to reach the new heights of innovation and success. Dr. Mubashir during his conversation stressed upon the agricultural significance of Pakistan and considered it as the major tool for the development of Pakistan.

No wonder that with the passion of youth and educationists like Dr. Mubashir with optimism, Pakistan will survive with all its dignity and face the worst with brave heart. Pakistan will reach the heights of success with the efforts of its youth In Shaa Allah.

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