Pakistan…’Zameen maa hoti hai’…Don’t exactly remember when my mother first explained to me this simplest yet most complex relationship of my life. She told me not to allow the Green and White flag representing the honor of around 17 crore people to touch the floor.

“Maa ka dupatta or Baap ki topi kbhi zameen pr nhi lagney dete,…or watan ka jhanda bhi”…I honestly don’t know since when these words of my mother became the center of my relationship with my country. I love Pakistan beyond logic, beyond reason, and beyond life.

Pakistan is my identity. As far as I can remember my childhood, loving Pakistan has always been a passion, a driving force for me. I have always believed that Pakistan is the best country in the world. Pakistan is like my mother to me.

Others too have very loving mothers, but mine is the best one for me. Same goes for my country-the country I belong to. I have always felt that Pakistan loves me back, and Pakistan loves me more than I love her. Pakistan is the identity I carry with me, just like my father’s name. Pakistan is my pride, the absolute love of my life.

I have lived in Pakistan since my birth, and have visited almost all places, from Khyber to Mehran, from the Punjab Plains to Baluchistan. I love Pakistan because I belong here. Whenever I look back at my childhood, I find it marked with passionate national songs like ‘Watan ki Matti Gawah rehna’, ‘ye Watan Tumahara hai’ and ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’.

Do I need any other reason to love my country? It is my pride, it is the place I belong to. It has the culture I so fully understand, and which has such deep roots in me. It has the feeling I so remember and love. I do not need any other reason to justify my love for my country…It’s HOME. Pakistan means HOME to me.

It’s not only about having the mighty Indus, or the richest plains in the world, the highest mountain pass, K-2 and other highest peaks, the highest plateau and the highest desert of the world in one country, it is the culture, the feeling of being at home, the feeling of independence, the feeling of belonging to the place where I live, the feeling of having deep roots in the soil of this country which make me love this country more than ever.

You can’t stop loving your home, even if it lacks something. Isn’t it the case? It is home and I love it. Pakistan is facing the worst floods of the century. My people are brave. We are fighting these worst floods with courage.

“Independence and freedom is every human’s need. Every one of us needs a land where we could practice every aspect of life with freedom and independence. Not every nation has been able to enjoy the breath of freedom but we the Pakistani people have seen the struggle of Pakistan and further realized it.

Taking Pakistan for granted is surely not in our blood and we thank Allah every second of our lives for blessing us with the land of pure.” Absolutely amazing and heartwarming love for Pakistan was expressed by Shamsa, who has been writing for various research institutes and newspapers. Ms. Syed expressed her love as: “I believe if I could ever answer why I love my creator, why I love my mother or I could ever know why.”

“Allah loves us all 70 times more than our mothers do and why any mother is so selfless when it comes to her child, that day probably I would be able to exactly tell why I love Pakistan. This post is just to express my gratitude to MY PAKISTAN for giving me an identity in this comity of nations.

It’s this piece of land with which I so proudly relate myself. I love Pakistan because it is my pride. It gives me sense of security and protection, when I hear about so many “Shahzad Faisals” being arrested as suspects of terrorism in UK and USA. I love Pakistan because I can look up to it when so-called civilized world points its finger on me.

Simply, I love Pakistan because it is My Pakistan. I know there are things we would like to change about Pakistan. But when it comes to loving your family, your home, you simply can’t be choosy.

I love Pakistan for being my home. Regarding future of Pakistan, I trust it’s very bright In Shaa Allah. Pakistan will survive through these bad patches by the grace of Allah and to dismay of many will rise and shine higher and higher.”
Pakistan Zindabad

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