In olden days women no matter how intelligent always took a back seat. They were not allowed to pursue higher education and were expected to weekly submit to all the decisions made for them.

Kitchen was considered to be their rightful place and child bearing and rearing the only job fit for them. They were expected to dutifully obey every command and not object or ask for their rights. They were not paid equally as men. They had to suffer in every field and were looked down upon whenever they thought for themselves.

But things have now changed over the years. In Pakistan, the woman of today is confident and bold. She either makes her own decisions or is consulted when decisions regarding her are made by other family members.

As someone said that women belong in places decisions are being made. Girls can now go to other cities or abroad for higher education. Women are working as executives in banks, business houses and other male dominated fields. Women work in offices, schools and shops and even from home to help run the house.

In the beginning, the world of showbiz was considered a taboo for respectable women and those who were a part of it were looked down upon. Similarly air hostesses were not shown any respect as they had to stay out of their homes.

The scenario has completely changed. Educated ladies from respectable families are very much a part and parcel of the showbiz now. Women are flying airplanes let alone serving in them.

The Pakistan Air Force which was considered to be only for men is recruiting female cadets as well. Women of Pakistan are doctors, engineers, IT experts, business women, teachers and politicians. What’s more Pakistan can boast of a having a female prime minister twice.

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