Do’s and Don’ts of Tutorial Writing

I have jotted down here few do’s and don’ts of tutorial writing for the beginners. I hope it helps them create effective tutorials. Do’s of tutorial writing First of all, choose the topic that comes under your area of expertise. It will keep you focused on your tutorial through and through. Do make use of […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Short Story Writing

A good short story writer is really blessed with inborn talent and skill. He might have some uncommon traits in himself that make him unique and prominent. However, he needs to keep on practicing the art of short story writing to enhance his writing. For beginners, here some do’s and don’ts of short story writing […]

Do’s and Don’ts of News Article Writing

Do’s of News Article Writing While preparing yourself for an article to be published in a newspaper, take care of the following steps: Do read a lot in order to prepare yourself to write a well-read article for the newspaper. You should be able to deliver your precious opinions and thoughts about a topic. Do […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Essay Writing

Essay writing is a common academic assignment that students get during their academic career. In writing every piece of essay, certain essay writing guidelines are required to follow by the writer. Here some do’s and don’ts of essay writing are given. Check them out for getting a flawless piece of essay. Do’s of essay writing […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Dissertation Writing- An Overview

Dissertation writing needs lots of hard work and care. Being a prolonged essay, dissertation takes a lot of time to accomplish. You can handover dissertation writing task to a freelance writer also if you want an outstanding writing piece. To write dissertation, you need to take care of few dissertation writing tips. Here some do’s […]

3 Steps to Enhance Your Copywriting Skills

Copywriting is basically a promotional script writing that helps businesses in increasing their sales and PR. As selling a product through promotional stuff is the crux behind copywriting, it is significantly different from other writing pieces. A freelance writer must know the basic rules of copy writing to do an excellent copywriting job. There are […]

3 Steps to Book Writing

It is not that the book authors belong to Mars or any other planet! They are humans like you and me! Hence proved that anyone with good writing skills can ‘attempt’ to write a book! Well, attempting only is not enough; you need to know the basic rules of book writing to get your book […]

4 Ways to Article Writing That Actually Help

Article writing is an informal writing piece full of interesting information or viewpoint about something. You can master article writing to enhance your freelance writing career. By learning the four important ways to article writing, you can become an expert article writer. 1.      Prepare An Outline You can write an excellent article by preparing a […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Using Writing to Make Money

Do’s of using writing to make money In order to use writing as a means to make money, you need to know about the basic skills of writing. You must be good at vocabulary, word usage, grammar and writing style. For this purpose, take guidance from good books that teach writing skills. Do contact writing […]